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If you think a book about Albert Einstein for kids will be dry, think again. The new picture book On a Beam of Light: The...

Albert Einstein for kids. Smart kids. Of course

On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein: Jennifer Berne, Vladimir Radunsky A boy rides a bicycle down a dusty road. But in his mind, he envisions himself traveling at a speed beyond imagining, on a beam of light.

Cloth Lullaby: The Woven Life of Louise Bourgeois: Amy Novesky, Isabelle Arsenault: 9781419718816: AmazonSmile: Books

Cloth Lullaby: The Woven Life of Louise Bourgeois Amy Novesky & Isabelle Arsenault A loving illustrated homage to one of the most extraordinary and inspiring women in the history of creative culture


Piggy illustration by Chuck Groenink. Dang this piggie is cute. Love the texture, the simple white lines for definition.

casa de la mosca Fosca

Na casa da mosca hai unha torta de amoras, sete pratos, sete banquetas, sete animais a punto de merendar. Xa non cabe ninguén máis… pero alguén peta na porta.


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