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ブルガリアの民俗行事に登場するクケリ。ちょっと不気味。 pic.twitter.com/0svNyUAmqQ

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These are Babugeri, wild men from Bulgaria. Bulgarian men wear these costumes in their pagan rituals. The photo was taken by Charles Freg.

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It can be a shock when the sun comes up and the headbands are out, the last season top knot is out and beside you is something from planet of the apes 🦍 Guys, home hair care is as important f…


Chicken and Boy Smoking Smokes Cigarette Vintage Image from 1920 Funny Unique Photo Photography Sepia Black & White Print Cute Weird

Wilder Mann  http://www.charlesfreger.com/works/index.php?UserSerie=Wilder%20Mann

こ・・・これが伝統のある仮装!?ヨーロッパの由緒正しいお祭に登場する仮装を集めた「Wilder Mann

Charles Freger, Wilder Mann, Photographer Charles Fréger travelled to…

ごま油を飲んで暮らす : Photo

Fabien Pochez Photo Diary - Black umbrella lady at the Père Lachaise - Paris, June 2012 "These ladies were walking around the Père Lachaise cemetery, reciting poetry (a bit dirty) to people who walked under their umbrella.

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surreal real life travel photo spontaneous funny picture thank goodness he wore his green jumper that day cactus ?

Charles Freger - Wilder Man photo series

こ・・・これが伝統のある仮装!?ヨーロッパの由緒正しいお祭に登場する仮装を集めた「Wilder Mann

Pagan Costumes of EuropeThese photographs are part of the “Wilder Mann” series by French photographer Charles Fréger. He traveled through 19 European countries to capture what he calls “tribal.

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