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Sonny in her dressing room. :)

Picture: Demi Lovato in 'Sonny with a Chance.' Pic is in a photo gallery for 'Sonny With a Chance' featuring 50 pictures.

Demi Lovato

On RespectPoint you can write a message to Demi that we will share in a pin on our board Click through on the pin above to visit RespectPoint if you'd like to join in and write your message.

Demi Lovato

Esta es la famosa dieta de Demi Lovato ¡Toma nota

Demi Lovato stars in this shoot for Fashion Magazine’s August Issue, photographed by Chris Nicholls

Demi Lovato 2007 | Demi Lovato photoshoot 2011 2010 2008 2006 2007 2009

Demi looks like all of us who were in our "scene" phase haha 😂

love it

Demi Lovato from Camp Rock is relatable because she learns to come out of her shell and people learn to accept the way she is.

demi-lovato-camp-rock-hair.jpg (400×601)

Demi has has a huge influence on the lives of so many. Click through to read the respect on her page on RespectPoint. Please send your own message to Demi and give her your respect. Thanks Lovatics