GAH! (gif) #benedictcumberbatch


Benedict Cumberbatch ~ People magazine's September 2013 photo shoot in Toronto for "Ones to Watch" in an October 2013 issue. (Photo by Ruven Afanador) [Video/GIF]

just click <<< do I need to say more?<----Yes!! I about had a heart attack!!

Oh yes, the 'eye' after hearing 'Murray-arty' haha :P

Promise! (Okay...not Thomas, but such an epic Fangirl moment that it had to be pinned and I didn't know where else to put it.)

Imma hit that thing again.

and for my 1880th pin, a gif of Benedict Cumberbatch practicing his daddy skills. you are welcome!!

and for my pin, a gif of Benedict Cumberbatch practicing his daddy skills.<---that comment and this gif



Photoshoots with Ben, omg i love this gif! its kinda annoying for the person getting photographed though because you move like an inch for every photo.

I loved the cap in the original gif! -> "You sexually ELEGANT Bastard.

Benedict Cumberbatch. I'm not sure if its BBC's Holmes smarts that make me attracted to him, but the fact remains that he's cute

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes ❤❤ I love the show Sherlock and I wish we had a guy like him in this day in society.

This man has extreme power over everything he looks at

duskybatfishgirl: “i am obsessed with this image :-) (x) ”

Benedict Cumberbatch png by HestiaC on deviantART

Sherlock THE most beautiful man on this planet at the moment.

Imagine him looking at you like this. <- I did so, and I'm not okay anymore...<<<<<<<<<< not OOOOOOOK.

the gaze and the smile, Benedict Cumberbatch 2014



Ghent Film Festival photoshoot

deareje: “ Benedict Cumberbatch actor in Parades End poses for a photoshoot at the Ghent Film Festival on October 2012 in Ghent, Belgium.



Ben is so adorable.

Black and white Ben

I swear if Benedict Cumberbatch looked at me like this i would pass out <3

Cause of death: this mans hands, lips and eyes.