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Regalo friki para mi novio. ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe! y así es como pintar camisetas engancha hasta niveles insospechados... =P

Regalo friki para mi novio. ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe! y así es como pintar camisetas engancha hasta niveles insospechados... =P

pick all your favorite places and be there at sunset different days :) you can pick an activity as well such as bike on the beach at sunset.

A kiss in the sun at the beach with a bike and balloons. I love the splash of color that the balloons add to the golden tones and silhouette in the rest of the image! Could be the perfect date 😀

Beautiful ingredients make beautiful products! LUSH  --natural, safe skin care that won't cause cancer and environmentally conscientious packaging! win-win

Beautiful ingredients make beautiful products! LUSH --natural, safe skin care and environmentally conscientious packaging!

Use Ikea storage containers to turn into Lego themed storage

LEGO-Like Recycling Containers: Practical, Modern, and Pretty

I'd use these for storage or dirty laundry. (LEGO-like Leco Recycling Containers by Flussocreative)

If you think your garden is wild, take at the look at the former SS Ayrfield. Australia should really think about simply rebranding the husk as a national park!

The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

102 year old floating forest in Sydney, Australia (This is the hull of teh SS Ayrfield, a large steam ship condemned to dismantling in Homebush Bay, Australia after WWII).

Kunsthof-Passage: Dresden  the Court of Water. Using the gutters, metal pipes and funnels, architect Heike Bottcher designed a Rube Goldberg-type contraption that plays “music” when the rain comes down and through  http://collabcubed.com/2012/07/31/kunsthof-passage-dresden/#

The Kunsthof Passage in Dresden include the 'Court of Water' – contraption made with metal tubes and funnels that make music when it rains. Just one of three creative courtyard façades.

JUNGLA - Acondicionador Sólido  Es el desenredante definitivo, que cubre y protege el pelo sin dejarlo lacio. Contiene un 5% de frutas tropicales frescas: plátano e higos suavizantes, kumquat y fruta de la pasión para dar brillo, aguacate fresco llenito de proteínas y aceites, etc. Le añadimos lecitina de soja para obsequiaros con una dosis extra de proteínas reparadoras. Además de oler de maravilla es un estupendo tónico para el cuero cabelludo.

LUSH DID YOU KNOW? CONDITIONER-- As the rest of the world piles silicones in their conditioners to get instant but ultimately disappointing results, we blend natural oils, seaweed gel and herbal infusions to improve your hair's condition for the long run.

Honey I Washed the Kids - To bee, or not to bee.      People have swarmed around this best-selling soap since we first invented it    You can wash the kids in this if you want, but make sure you get your share of this honey toffee-scented addictive soap! Don’t blame us if a fight breaks out over it - buy several to avoid family rifts. The family that washes together stays together.

A caramel-scented soap that lifts your mood and soothes and softens skin. A global bestseller, Honey I Washed the Kids is a family favourite. Gentle enough to wash young skins, it’s like washing with crème brûlée in solid form.

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Pre wedding photography: Are you going to enjoy pre wedding time in intimate company of your fiancée? Greatly it is most beautiful time of life. Couples are