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“Song of Storms” by Matt Rockefeller* the kids left the video games to play in the rain.

Томер и Асаф Ханука. У них в работах сама жизнь, и прекрасная, и не очень, а временами парадоксальная).  Иллюстрация должна будоражить воображение, считает Томер Ханука, израильский художник, создавший вместе со своим братом близнецом Асафом невероятное количество прекрасных иллюстраций и комиксов.

redlipstickresurrected: Tomer Hanuka (Israeli, b. Israel) - Cover for IL Magazine (Italy), 2015

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Take some High Quality gif settled in a japanese night. (train is wait for it) -

This is a gallery-quality giclée art print on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks.

Sunset by Lois Van Baarle

"Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be." -Anonymous artwork by Lois van Baarle a.

我可以在陽光下與你相遇 也可以在下雨天為你撐傘 雨天濕潤了大地 小花依存著黃土 請時光變得慢些 再慢些 直到雨滴滲透我的裙 請時光變得慢些 更慢些 直到你來到我等你的路口 插圖: FeiGiap 文字: Yuna

Discover the colorful art of Chong FeiGiap, a Malaysian artist, co-founder of Running Snail Studio.

Self promotion on Behance

A beautifully done interactive magazine. This will be a cool OOH idea for a brand campaign. The interactive element definitely draws people attention and create actual interactions.

Getting started with Adobe Illustrator: when to use it, getting familiar with the workspace, plus my favorite Illustrator learning resources.

Getting started with Adobe Illustrator

Getting started with Adobe Illustrator: when to use it, getting familiar with the workspace, plus favorite Illustrator learning resources.


40+ Restaurant Menu Designs for Inspiration

Long Shadow Generator. Graphic styles for Adobe Illustrator. #shadow #design #flat

Long Shadow Graphic Styles

Long Shadow Graphic Styles Kit for Illustrator Create long shadow effects in ONE CLICK! Use on live, editable text - no need to convert to outlines. Change colour easily with global swatches.