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NORUEGA. Osos libres.

Finalist: Bears and Birds Photo and caption by Wilfred Berthelsen "This is a series of images in black and white taken at Svalbard.

Elephants Understand Human Gestures

July 2015 – WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) Comments on Obama's Ivory Remarks from Kenya (President Obama announced a proposal to ban the sale of ivory in the U.

Mondays Is Bad For Everyone - http://lol4eva.com/funny/mondays-is-bad-for-everyone/

Oh no, it’s monday again! A collection of funny animals that really, really hate mondays! It might not be monday today, but it doesn’t have .

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

East of the Sun, West of the Moon A classic fairytale retold to capture the imagination of young minds. A beautiful heroine, a white bear, a troll and other characters join to add to the intrigue.


7 Animals Enjoying Themselves Underwater

Funny pictures about Underwater Polar Bear. Oh, and cool pics about Underwater Polar Bear. Also, Underwater Polar Bear photos.

Icebear  http://www.creativeboysclub.com/wall/creative

Chemistry Jokes and Puns - With Explanations

Polar bear

Polar bear


Hah the polar bear wants to eat the killer whale. and he could if the whale was stuck. the polar bear would attack it and kill it by biting around its blowhole. And the killer whale wants to eat the polar bear and it would if the bear fell in.

Son With Mama

a brown bear mother will die for her cubs. brown bears have one to four cubs.


10 Ways To Ensure You Always Have A Delightful Day

Bears: I don't know how they do it, but for an animal that can hit 35 MPH at 1500 lbs, with a bite force of over 1200 psi and 4 inch claws.they achieve welcomingly snuggly with expert ease.


18 imagenes impactantes!! Para reflexionar

As we melt our ice caps and the ice where these wonderful creatures live disappears, then polar bears will simply become extinct. The human race has much to answer for when it comes to how our actions effect the other creatures on the planet.

Blow on chilly wind , I've got a real high collar . It's worth a many dollar, so I don't feel a thing.

Wild & Free

Wild & Free