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Jerk Balloons™

Interaction we like / Balloon / Black / Jerk Balloons / Rubber / 5 varying degrees of jerkiness / nice birthday Present?

Jerk Balloons II by Fairgoods on Etsy

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 123 Pics

How do you get fired on your first day at a job at Disneyland? Put your Winnie the Pooh costume pants on backwards! :D

Jerk Balloons ll available only at Fairgoods.com

Jerk Balloons ll available only at Fairgoods.com

Prince Charles chasing a little girl

Corners of the internet are pretty excited this morning about a photo making the rounds, one that seems to show dowdy old Prince Charles of England gleefully chasing a honey boo boo-esque child who is holding a bottle of bubbles.