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2p and 1p England:

and Hetalia // England // England // Oliver and Arthur Kirkland

I feel like this is 2P Prussia and 1P Germania.

I feel like this is Prussia and Germania.<<<<you felt correctly, at least as far as I can guess

Hetalia  2p Austria and 2p little Italy : Piano

Hetalia Austria and little Italy : Piano>>>omg thats fucking adorable 😍

I remember when he did this and it really hurt a lot. Germany showed up and kicked america out of the house which i thought was kinda mean but he did bite me but he did apologize the next day so i guess all is good

A bite of Italy by vimsweet on deviantART --- aww, poor italy

2P!Canada and 2P!England

Where everyone isn't what they used to be Please get amino app and join this community it's very fun.

I L O V E T H I S <3

Hetalia, it sounds so cute in all the other languages then you get to Germany and it just kind sounds scary. Then again a lot of things in German sound hardcore.

HETALIA! ♥ - Community - Google+

HETALIA! ♥ - Community - Google+