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2p and 1p England:

and Hetalia // England // England // Oliver and Arthur Kirkland

Shhh.. Did you hear that? That was the sound of my heart breaking for 2p!England... The hetalia fandom either makes me either extremily sad or happy-- there is no inbetween!! #hetalia {http://ask-2p-england.tumblr.com}

this just broke my heart.<<<<*Hugging Arthur and beating Francis with a stick*<<<BABY NO! *helps hug Oliver and helps beat Vincent with the stick

HEY! THATS NOT HOW YOU SPELL COLOR! AMERICA WOULD NEVER SAY IT LIKE THAT! OBVIOUSLY A CANADIAN OR ENGLISHMEN OR AUSTRALIAN MADE THIS! *England Canada and Australia team up and hit me in the face with Hungary's frying pan collection until I apologize greatly for correcting there spelling...* great art I love it!

I could see this working just a well, if not better, with France and England XD - Also, America using the English/Canadian/Australian spelling of 'color/colour'

691454.jpg (689×2560)

England often scolded Hong Kong for playing with firecrackers, as they always gave him a fright. Hong Kong silently takes pleasure in this.

APH - England is Peter Pan by Alexiel-VIII.deviantart.com on @deviantART    ☆IS THE DOCTOR AROUND!?  ☆I THINK HE NEEDS A DOCTOR!  ☆HE JUMPED OFF THE TARDIS!!☆

England is Peter Pan by alexiel-viii on Deviantart ("Forget your happy thought?

~Hetalia~ Ha lol

It's fun to mock England's eyebrows :: America, Japan, England // Hetalia <<< Stray Trio

I can die happily now<--- Omg. X P Yes. I love how 2p!England looks kind of determined, and Poland has a kind of dark look.

I can die happily now<--- Omg. I love how looks kind of determined, and Poland has a kind of dark look.<<I've actually never thought about this combo O_O.this is perfect!


XD -Hetalia -England -America -France <<< hahahah x'D This is so funny seriously. This made my night, I almost laughed as much as America. I just can't stop laughing.