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Castiel Figure Tutorial by ~BX211 on deviantART

This is just a simple process of the Castiel Figure. Before starting your figure you& better have three views of the character, and do some research on him. First we need a wood base, wire and foi.

wood effect with wire brush also other techniques using black foam.

Using standard black foamboard

Technique using Kapa-line foamboard - Faux wood texture created with a wire brush painted with raw umber light grey acrylic paint.

Doll Furniture Bed Room Wardrobe unpainted -- 1:6 scale Barbie

Doll Furniture Bed Room Wardrobe unpainted -- 1:6 scale Barbie

I'm thinking I could make something like this out of popsicle sticks or something: Doll Furniture Bed Room Wardrobe unpainted -- scale Barbie

HOW TO MAKE FLOWER FAIRIES- by TheBlueMorpho	·I fell in love with this idea after purchasing the Flower Fairy kit put out by Klutz that uses the same technique that I will demonstrate below. I’ve had this kit for a while now and have made a ton of Flower Fairies (as you can see from the photos!) I’d like to show you how to make your own fairies without the kit.

How to Make Flower Fairies