O.o Im dying.We need season 3

And when Molly tried to imply he only cared about John's opinions/concerns he quickly let her know she always counted too. So all we've really learned from this is, when pressed, he will be considerate of peoples emotions.


Even if you don't ship Johnlock, you have to admit this is funny xD

Someone Isn’t Too Pleased…<-- but that's a good thing that he has the look of someone that was forced to steal a child's ready bear because it means he really wishes he could be signing things and is not big-headed and doesn't think he is too good for everyone just coz he is famous!!! He has the look like he is not allowed to do something he really wants to do and he feels bad that he can't meet his fans! He is so nice.

OH Benedict.he actually kinda looks like the child that just had their teddy bear stolen

I love how Sherlock follows Mycroft out just to mess with him, and John is like "that's my boy" :D

Sherlock - A very old friend. Remember in Belgrevia where John asks if they're there to see the Queen, Mycroft walks in, and Sherlock says "Apparently." Best scene ever.

Oh how I love Martin Freeman!

Martin Freeman<<<< what a cutie. but is it acceptable to make a gay joke out of the first question?<<< I was thinking the same thing!

Sherlock #BBC #BenedictCumberbatch #MartinFreeman #houndsofBaskerville

Oh my gosh! I knew they were setting it up! Also on "A sign of Three" Sherlock says that if he were to kill John it would be by poison because he has effectively managed to slip many things into his drinks for experiments! It is cannon!

Thank you, Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham, for blessing the world with your acting skills and your son, Benedict Cumberbatch.

He is like the perfect combination of the two of them. In my opinion, he got his fathers face and his mothers lips and eyes and nose<--- he has more of his fathers lips and nose. But he DEFENENTLY has his mothers eyes.

Wouldn't anyone click the safety before pointing a gun to their best friend's head? I would, it's only the right thing to do. <-- Yes.

"Wouldn't anyone click the safety before pointing a gun to their best friend's head? I would, it's only the right thing to do. Makes me want to go back and watch it right NOW!

Probably just visiting some criminal for a case...right?

I have a small mind place tht i use for school. If sherlock had a mind palace padded room, then he spent a significant amount of time in one