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My vision of what Resident Evil 6 locations, guns, characters would be and look like


The zombie dogs from the "Resident Evil" series. I like doggies, but these guys are NASTY! Skin hanging off, all fangs and claws, and no Milk Bone will stop them. They truly scare me.

джилл валентайн и крис редфилд - Поиск в Google

Resident Evil 6 art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

umbrela contacts | Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation color Stainless Steel Ring

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Resident Evil - Jill Valentine

Classic Retro Gaming : Resident Evil (Remake) – Game Cube – Capcom – 2002 - Home Of The Spaceman

((Open RP for the officer!)) I laugh softly, watching from my high rise perch as the law enforcement bots try to find a trace of me, a clue of where I was hiding. Of course, they'd never find one. I was never one to be bad at covering my tracks of course, and those bots had no proper documentation of anything of mine... so I never had a care in the world. And besides, there hasn't been an easy arrest in ages. Everyone is always too busy in their military duties, or hiding away in their…

Futuristic Clothing, Future Girl, Jill Valentine – Resident Evil 5

Futuristic Clothing, Future Girl, Jill Valentine - Resident Evil 5 Hexascales (like snake but in hex squares )


Mystery, Crime, Fracture Mechanics


Mystery, Crime, Fracture Mechanics