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I found this to be so true. I healed in fits and spurts, over many years, at my pace, when I could bear to let certain hard truths surface. But I did it

An unresolved past, hurts the most and takes the longest to heal from. I have learned that everyday is is a new day, one more step closer to letting go of the past. When you are broken it is okay to take the time you need to heal

anger is rarely just anger  Quote attributed to Jill Herzig Editor-in-chief of Redbook Magazine

"A wise therapist taught me that anger is the emotion we snatch up to avoid less comfortable feelings - confusion, fear, sadness." -- Jill Herzig, Editor-in-Chief of Redbook

live your life #Do what you think is right & what makes you happy... Cause for others what you do is never Right!! SO DON'T GIVE A S***!!!

The word is gonna judge you no matter what you do, so live your life the way you fucking want to


Have faith in the things we cannot change. What things were you not able to change that ended up being a good thing and changing you for the better?

"Psychology Fact" Anger is a natural defense against pain. When someone says "I hate you", they really mean "You hurt me".

If you pretend to be someone your not to make people like you. And you have to be different for them to like you and they don't then they aren't a real friend. So just be yourself and i promise people will love the real you! So please be yourself.

Tomorrow is always a new day ☺️

spoiler alert - it's all going to be ok - great reminder when feeling dramatic/overwhelmed because things always work out


Guys: Be careful if you make a woman cry because God counts her tears.