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Both Katarzyna's have other works featured in ISSUE - Photographer: Katarzyna Widmanska Designer: Katarzyna Konieczka Hair: Wojtek Kasprzak Makeup

darkbeautymag:  “Wax” — Photographer: PhotoNinja​Designer/Retoucher: Danielle Lafleur​Model: Klytaemnestra Cosplay​

The Look: “Wax” — Photographer: PhotoNinja​ Designer/Retoucher: Danielle Lafleur​ Model: Klytaemnestra Cosplay

Журнал : Aestus Magazine Фотограф : Vincent Alvarez Стиль : Mélanie Perego Исторические костюмы : Martin D’Autry Paris Модели : Yuliana @ Metropolitan Models & Katya P.

ig: saturniapyri

ig: saturniapyri

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"Gianluca Palma – Lady of Sorrow". Photographer: Gianluca Palma. Stylist/Headpiece/Accessories/Makeup: Carlo Papezzera Special Thanks: Romeur Academy

darkbeautymag: “ “Lady of Sorrow” — Photographer: Gianluca Palma Stylist/Headpiece/Accessories/Makeup: Carlo Papezzera Special Thanks: Romeur Academy ”

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Arianrhod (Celtic) is said to be able to shape shift into a large Owl, and through the great Owl eyes, sees even into the darkness of the human subconscious and soul. The Owl symbolizes death and.

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