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Which is why some farmers put them in with their livestock. They make great "watchdogs"

Badass mule…

Badass mule…Now I own several horses and after seeing this I am in hope that they too would do the same. They really are amazing animals. I love them all.Horses, Donkeys and Mules!

Sometimes you've just got to take the wire with the smooth.

1806 ~ Smooth-haired Fox Terriers "Templar's Tackler" & "Ninian Nesta" Oil on Canvas Signed F T Daws, aka Frederick Thomas Daws RA English Animal Painter & Sculptor .

Basset Hound/ものぐさでマイペースな猟犬!|おじゃかんばん「Dog Safety 倶楽部 」のファンがつくるサイト

Basset Hound is a very lovely and cute puppy. Check out here all interesting information and facts about Basset Hound Puppy with new photos-images.

Danny and Fanny and Spot the Fox Terrier Hero

Danny and Fanny and Spot the Fox Terrier Hero - 1928 - Rand McNally - Ruth Eger, Illustrator

Kick ass in business and in life! Learn a lesson from your dog - no matter what life brings you, kick some grass over that shit and move on!