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Ultra Tendencias: Supercraft de Mercier Jones, vehículo superdeportivo de lujo por tierra y mar

Ultra Tendencias: Supercraft de Mercier Jones, vehículo superdeportivo de lujo por tierra y mar


cc The Khersones (or Cherones) is a Ukrainian full rigged, three-masted tall ship built in by robbie

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HMS Endeavour or HM Bark Endeavour; Launched Lt James Cook expedition to Australia and New Zealand 1769 - 1771

An 18th-Century Sailing Ship. The Lady Washington.

An Sailing Ship. The Lady Washington (Washington's State Ship) - once was able to participate in a 'cannon battle' on board this beautiful ship.

Sail ship

HMS Surprise, formerly commissioned as HMS Rose. Re-christened as HMS Surprise after her roll in "Master & Commander: Far Side of the World".

This beautiful ship, the Alma Doeppel built in 1903 is currently being restored.

The Australian ALMA DOEPEL is a three-masted topsail schooner launched in currently under refurbishment

The HMS Bounty Tall Ship - Halifax Harbour by Rodney Hickey Design Studio

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Alloy Yachts’ Vertigo 220 Superyacht was created by Naval architect Philippe Brand. The immense sailing yacht is luxuriously lined from bow to stern, capable of carrying captain, crew and company around the world in the highest of fashion.

TALL SHIP SEDOV sails into Cornwall (Kernow) UK

Tallship Sedov ~ Cornwall, England Another Ship I've Never Sailed!

A French ship of the 17th century - La Sirene

A French ship of the century - La Sirène 1702 La Sirène 60 (lancé en…

Sailing at Sunset......

Sailing at Sunset......

Red Velvet Voyage Sailing the earths waters Inspirations and voyage dreams. Sail boats in the blue oceans, cloud filled skies, the beauty of planet earth!Sailboat and the sky opening up to the heavens.

Skeletons recovered from the wreck of a King Henry VIII’s warship the Mary Rose are being studied to discover more about life in the 1500s.  Swansea University sports scientists are hoping to find out more about the toll on the bodies of archers who had to pull heavy bows. It is documented…

Mary Rose ship skeletons studied

A recontruction of the Mary Rose - article about Tudor archer skeletons.

Newest Cruise Ships 2016-2023 Construction Orders

MSC Cruises and STX France sign a letter of intent for two prototype cruise ships, due for delivery in 2017 and Photo credit: MSC Cruises USA