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I love Teddy and I love this. They're probably up there busting their guys because Teddy is not at all bookish and rule abiding like his father.

Well it IS Tonks' child too after all. So, Remus pretty much produced a James-Sirius combo for a child. Full of himself, spunky, ridiculously high self esteem, and no fucks given about what others think of him.

Year 1, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone, Seamus Finnigan, Irish

Me dad's a Muggle; Mam's a witch. Bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out. ~ Seamus Finnigan from Ireland, Year

Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy as Friends After the Battle at Hogwarts

Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy as Friends After the Battle at Hogwarts holy gojdjsjsioamanajaiaj i ship it omg omggg

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I would take one class each from the SuperWhoLock majors(Myths, Observing, Biology) as well as some from Fangirl and HP, but definitely major in Avengers. Also totally taking half a year of gym and swimming each, with yoga all year long.

Haha, McGonagall being her awesome self! #PDsFavourites #McGonagall #Snape

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Saun and Phil? Does this headcannon have a gay wizard couple casually thrown in?

If Harry were raised by Sirius and Remus.... pfft this would totally happen!!

Lol but the books explained why Harry had to be raised by the Dursleys--for his protection. Although, Sirius and Remus totally would have visited. Or maybe even moved in (against the Dursleys wishes of course). Omg that would have been hilarious

My little sister had a friend tell her that Voldemort had no nose because he was once riding a broom and wasn't watching where he was going so he smashed into a light pole. >> hah say hi to your sister from me


For your own good, stop reading at the bit were Sirius is actually just a puppy. Read no further. O, you read further. Great, have fun with your ruined day. I did warn you.

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I disagree, James and Lily would both have yelled at Snape because he treated Harry like shit for 7 years. Yes he was part of the order and all of that but he had no reason to treat Harry, or any other students like he did.