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Miss you mum x x

I can only pray more girls realize just how much they need their mothers. They are only lent to us, we cant keep them forever

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A penny from heaven. When my mom was dying from cancer we talked about this Penny from Heaven. I joked with her and told her I wanted a quarter instead of a penny. Sure enough, on the days that I miss her most.I will find a quarter.

Did You Know You Mean The World To Someone?  #Baby #Parents

Being called mom is the greatest thing to hear. I love my babies and I love being called mom.

Someday I will own this painting.

Oz: The of ~ "Some days, you just want to unleash your flying monkeys." Princess Sassy Pants & Co.

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I love you blue as the sky, far as the moon, hot as the sun, big as a kite. Deep as the ocean, tall as a tree. Reminds me of things we'd say to each other at bedtime when my babies were little.