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Arbol de cacao!!

Arbol de cacao!!

Brother from another mother, Spotted horse and dog playing in the snow - 9GAG

Brother from another mother


Weekend Garden ~ Starfruit

Our backyard starfruit tree is full of fruits and my 7 year old is on a fruit-plucking spree. Just plucking, mind you, since the fruits are within his reach.


Red Hog Plum, Purple Mombin or Siriguela (Spondias purpurea)

Cacao. This is what that delicious morsel of heaven, called chocolate, looks like before it hits your palate. Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory, Heart-protective Amazement!

Chocolate Fun Fact: Each pod from the cacao tree holds enough to make around seven milk chocolate or two dark chocolate bars.

COCOA - Typical brazilian fruit. With the white pulp is made cocoa butter, and the brown coffee seeds is done the wonderful chocolate.

Mayan Cacao Recipe from Paititi Institute Breathwork Sessions!