St saint bernard dog postcard - adult and two pups - cute

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St Bernard, another huge dog. My Papaw had a dog that was part St Bernard once, ever since then I've liked them.

Biggest Saint Bernard pictures

Here you can get the pictures 15 types of large dog breeds around the world and their brief description.

My baby, my baby... My Christmas present, I miss you!

my old St was cuter, but i can't find a pic or one close to him. he was light brown, like caramel :) i miss him! we need anther one

Saint Bernards can weigh up to 200lbs

Some of these giant dog breeds have tragically short lifespans, and others are overrepresented at animal shelters.

St.Bernards...I've wanted one forever!!! I love them!!!

Bernard's Evan doesn't want any small dogs- I think we can agree this one's not "small.

Majestic looking St. Bernard. I want to Hug, kiss, and play with one!!!<3

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Saint Bernard Puppies | ... type dogs saint bernard puppies r heavy bonethey r dewormedint can

Saint Bernard Puppy cant wait to get one of these little fellas well not little for so long lol

St. Bernards | Let’s Go to Switzerland. | 3-Putt Territory

Let’s Go to Switzerland.

Saint Bernard Dogs and Puppies Pictures by magdalena

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Saint Brenard

Dogs and fireworks don't mix. Please keep them at home and secure them while fireworks are going off. They can run off if they get scared and get away. July is the busiest day at animal shelters.