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قليلاً قليلا مع الايام سوف تبتسم للنسيان وهو يدعوك لاعادة جدولة فتنسى !

دجلة الناصري on

The intriguing looking half tail that the American Bobtail Possesses comes as a consequence of a genetic mutation. The tail of the breed is usually 1/3 to 1/2 provided that a common kitty’s tail.

5 Facts About American Bobtail Cats You Have To Know

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The Himalayan Himalayan Persian, or Colourpoint Persian as it is commonly referred to in Europe)


Fi-Fy-Fo-Fum This kitty reminds me of my kitty named MISTU BLUE she went to Heaven way to soon.

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FURZAPPER DOG Fur CAT Hair Remover for your Laundry- Add it to Washer & Dryer

Once upon a time a cat had a girl and a girl had a cat. "A Girl and Her Cat" by Andy Prokh

Pure black Maine Coon

What a stunning Black Maine Coon from Newanhof Maine Coons Mainecoon cats cattery Upper Austria, 4501 Neuhofen - Mainecoon Austria

Maine Coon - Maine Delite's Oliver Twist

This is Thorn. He wants a mate but he is very abusive and controlling and got it from his father. He is one of the biggest cats around the town. He learnt to fight from his father who used to be a clan cat