i love reading

Reading a book is like going into a hole new world. Like being the captured princess, or being the pirates daughter. It is the most fun reading a book.

Book reader

read to learn. read to forget. read to escape but just read.

James 1:22  But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.

"Some woman have a weakness for shoes. I can go barefoot if necessary. I have a weakness for books.


10 Summer Essentials

Antique books - Character inspiration (Looks like me!

Heb vanmiddag heerlijk genoten van de zon en boek .. ik hoop dat jou dat ook is gelukt ☺ en je ook de tijd voor hebt gehad om wat te relaxen .... had graag even bij jou gezeten ....

Reading a book with a cat purring on your stomach.

NY cafè

Everything tea, books, coffee, and journals.


A book, a cup of coffee or tea - and maybe a bikkie to dunk!


bookporn: * * * by Lukreszja

“A good title should be like a good metaphor. It should intrigue without being too baffling or too obvious.” – Walker Percy

“A good title should be like a good metaphor. It should intrigue without being too baffling or too obvious. - i would love to go book searching like this

Maggie reads and is taking notes on to cure Aspen this was her fault he is like this she sees yc hides her books but keeps the notebook open

reading , journaling , and coffee

The elusive ‘me time’.

I'm taking time to just read a book and think. I'm hoping I can just sleep until dinner time then go on a walk around the park. Read a book, think then sleep. Sounds good to me.

reads we need. @Camille Blais Ries @Leslie Riemen Einspanier @Hilary S Auer

Tuesday Ten: Fall Reading List

Tuesday Ten: Fall Reading List - I've been getting back into reading lately and I love it!

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tolackcolour: “ Three cheers for friends who think sitting in a coffee shop and reading all afternoon (and consuming a possibly unhealthy amount of caffeine) sounds like as great of a time as I do.


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spend all day in a bookshop! One of my favorite things.

Books & candles

hygge: re-reading a favourite book, scribbling in my journal + dreaming of autumn ♡

I won't be on call or at work for the first time in a week in 12 hours...this is all I want... #nurselife

miss my windowsill bed