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amigos 2

amigos 2

Such beautiful creatures

A king only bows down to his queen. I couldn't agree more. I LOVE IT


Keep people in your life that truly love you, motivate you, encourage you, inspire you, enhance you and make you happy!

my dream.... always playing Born Free - dreams of the jungle and animals

Girl with Lion in Braids ~ Bohemian Boho Chic Gorgeous White dress Africa African Safari lovely amazing wow beautiful wild poetry sexy travel roam walk walkabout girl blonde hair in braids

I would definitely ride this guy into battle…

Spot an all black lion. The opposite of albinism called melanism, a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black.

Strength. Courage. Attitude.

Wildlife photographer Chris Weston snapped amazing pictures of a pride of lions in Zimbabwe by using a remote camera fixed to a tree which captured them in off-guard moments.

The happiest cub in the world! Little lion can't hide how much he loves cuddling his mother

red fury

red fury

What Happens When You Neuter A Male Lion

What happened to Cameron the lion's big gorgeous mane? BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the conservation effor.


Just that look on the dog's face melts my heart even tho I'm the cat lover.