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Happy Thursday, April 17

I really like this teal wrap she has- it makes you focus on the woman's face. Maybe even just use a teal scarf around the neck.

Mary's Dream

The eyes are the first thing you notice about this photo. They are incredible. It's obvious that the artist of this photo is a great photographer. I love portrait photography and is what I want to do. ♥ Beauty of Hijab ♥


"Her eyes are blue, and blue eyes up close are a celestial phenomenon: nebulae as seen through telescopes, the light of unnamed stars diffused through dusts and elements and endlessness. Layers of light. Blue eyes are starlight.



love her eye make up

love her eye make up

Imagem relacionada

Kurdskye (kurdish) lady in the national clothing & jewelry - this is actually not a Kurdish woman at all - her name is Jenn & she is a tribal bellydancer living in CA. It is still a beautiful picture though.

falkoen asked you:   Do you take submissions?  Yes! Submissions are loved [link] Photo: Luca Hollestelle on tumblr

Luca Hollestelle Photo: Luca Hollestelle by Agata Serge Fashion and portrait photographer currently based in Lodz, Poland.

Sa Mirada, Spain,   Creation is issue from feminine blueprints energies that dominate the universe,  Lets trade 4 real goods and healthy items or art items that add real wealth 2 you, more I live without money, happier am I, the world is disgusting everybody looks 4 money and greed, go native and green with renewable energies you won't pay, http://stargate2freedom.wordpress.com,  http://www.himalayan-foundation.org/projects/tibetans?gclid=CMi4mszTubgCFUVnOgodxS4Aqg

Beautiful woman looks out at the camera from a striking set of blue eyes. Her perfectly beautiful face is only a moment in your notice, because her smile attracts you first. photography of beautiful people