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Can have hundreds of tube feet, which help feeding and movement.

Mermaids wish upon a star

This is a nice photo… I live on the coast and I really like star fish. I always take them back out in the water when I find a living one on the beach (but sadly, it's too late for most). Sea Star Photograph by Samantha Leonetti - Sea.

Underwater Life

Scattered starfish near Waterlemon Cay, Virgin Islands . This is pretty.

Ocean sensory bin with sand, shells, "pearls," plastic sea creatures, etc.

funnywildlife: Breaching Orca by Akiko F on Fivehundredpx

wonderous-world: Breaching Orca by Akiko F.loved going whale watching in San Diego and British Columbia. Saw lots of killer whales by Victoria, Canada, British Columbia.

Seashell - (me) not only the shell is beautiful but the photo is gorgeous!

checkin' out me feets

checkin' out me feets

Starfish on a beach in Maine

classic social work story: An old man walked across the beach until he came across a young boy throwing something into the breaking waves. Upon closer inspection, the old man could see thatthousands of miles of beach and millions .

Blue Starfish, Coral Coast, Fiji

Blue Starfish, Coral Coast, Fiji Also known as the Blue Linckia Sea Star

A starfish walking back to the water

Comfort Spring Station — Starfish walking its way back to the sea, Flagler.