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The Utahraptor was covered in feathers, a legacy of its avian lineage.  The evolutionary process had robbed the dinosaur of the main flight feathers seen in flying birds, and instead it had shorter, proto-feathers covering its upper body.  It would have had some use for these feathers however, as the Utahraptor may have flapped its wings to run faster, jump higher, and maintain balance atop prey animals. Cool Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Dinosaurs, Prehistoric World, Prehistoric Creatures, The Good Dinosaur, Dinosaur Art, Dinosaur Fossils, Nearly Extinct Animals, Feathered Dinosaurs
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Utahraptor, which means “Utah’s predator”, is a theropod dinosaur that lived about 125 million years ago in the early Cretaceous era. It’s thought to have been the largest raptor that ever lived (ironically, the two ton “Gigantoraptor” from central Asia isn’t even in the running because it was just a large theropod dinosaur, not a […]