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Aequorea, architectural concept for an amazing oceanic city by Vincent Callebaut - Ego - AlterEgo

courtyard with a stream

Images of London. The Moon Terrace at the Connaught Hotel in London, England. Designed by English garden designer, Tom Stuart-Smith. The serpentine water feature with fiber optic lighting was constructed by Andrew Ewing. Photo by Kurosh Davis.

Pattern, Wooden Entrance

this would make a beautiful entry way into my dreamhouse-----Art Nouveau - Hotel Hannon - Bruxelles

Seaside villa design

If you travel about forty miles north of Auckland, New Zealand you might see the beautiful dream house: Mahina, which means moon.

Diamond Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia designed by Buruoj Engineering Consultant :: 93 floors, height 432m :: on hold

Check out this architecture! Diamond Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia designed by Buruoj Engineering Consultant :: 93 floors, height Architecture

Autarke Baukonzepte sind voll im Trend. Schon Häuser, die sich selbst mit Energie versorgen können, stützen sich oft auf beeindruckende Ideen. Umso beeindruckender ist es, wenn eine ganze Stadt energieautark betrieben werden kann. Ein solches Konzept kommt nun vom Architekturbüro Vincent Callebaut: Eine moderne Ökostadt mit autarkem Energiekonzept und mit geringem Wasserverbrauch. Die Stadt “Hyperions” soll

Hyperions Sustainable ecosystem project: Agroecology and sustainable food systems growing up around wooden & timber towers for Jaypee greens sports city, New Delhi

Forest City – Une ville verte avec plus d’1 million d’arbres et de plantes

Paper City – Il construit une ville miniature et animée entièrement en papier

stefano boeri's liuzhou forest city masterplan breaks ground in china

Futuristic Architecture. Más sobre ciudades sostenibles en www.solerplanet.com

30 Futuristic Sci-Fi Characters and Backgrounds for your inspiration

Could we all soon be sleeping with the fishes? Designer creates incredible futuristic city where people live beneath the waves

Designer reveals his concept for underwater city living

Phil Pauley says that he has dreamed about building an underwater city for the past 20 years, and has now released images of what the futuristic development might look like.


Slow Uprising by Ja Studio Inc proposes reusing the bridges of a decommissioned Italian highway to serve as the foundation for a new city.

indoor gardens

indoor gardens