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The Sad Cat Diary | The Animal Rescue Site Blog

The Sad Cat Diary

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Meet Sir Stuffington, The Cutest Pirate In The World

Thought you would enjoy Sir Stuffington the one eyed floof!



black and white

"What's the difference between a cat a dog? A dog ponders his relationship with man: "He feeds me, he grooms me, he takes care of all my needs. A cat thinks: "He feeds me, grooms me, takes care of me.

(via Photo *** by Sergey Kazakov)

(via Photo *** by Sergey Kazakov)

Chatons à donner ! City of Montréal Greater Montréal image 1

(Blue Burmese) * * KITTEH:"Me be soreez, but if yoo wuz rite; me woulds agree wif yoo.

akiraneko:  Eh? by photographerpandora on Flickr.

** " Sure, me willz haz a talk wif de kitten. He shouldn'ts be buildin' sand castles in de litter box.