If your kids are huge Lego Movie fans, you have to check out these amazing Family Themed Lego Movie Costumes!

Elfenkrone   Draht, Pappmaché und Farbe.....

The Hobbit: Thranduils Crown and Coat WIP by kaetiegaard on deviantART - DIY @ Craft's

Captain Underpants - 2017 Halloween Costume Contest

Captain Underpants - Halloween Costume Contest at Costume-Works.com

Annette: My son is a huge Captain Underpants fan. The costume available in Target and Walmart was so sad - I wanted him to have a costume he'd love.

Cosplay: Alice in Wonderland - GEEKPR0N

Cosplay: Alice in Wonderland

Awesome costumes. Love the stilts!

Jack Skellington and Sally costumes (Nightmare before Christmas) *pic heavy!* - CLOTHING - technically, these are not halloween costumes. We wore these at an annual fantasy event called 'Elf Fantasy Fair' in the Netherlands.

Wednesday Addams and Cousin It - Halloween Costume Idea

Wednesday Addams and Cousin It - Halloween Costume Contest at Costume-Works.com

My daughter and I were attending her school's Mummy and me halloween dance, and we really wanted to dress in something fun and original. Thanks to an idea from my husband, we decided to go as Wednesday Addams and Cousin It from the Addams family.

My cactus costume by Misty Garrick Miller, via Flickr

Lots of inspiration, diy & makeup tutorials and all accessories you need to create your own DIY Cactus Costume for Halloween.

Cactus costume

Cactus: Nothing can touch this prickly costume! Write “Can’t Touch This” using acrylic paint and stencils or iron-on letters on the torso area of a solid green dress. Fold several dozen tan pipe clean (Last Minutes Costume)

Mindy: My 5-year old son, Sam, read a book on Saguaro Cactus last year and decided that he would want to be one for Halloween this year. I was trying to...

Saguaro Cactus - Halloween Costume Contest at Costume-Works.com

Someone legitimately dressed their child up as a cactus. BAHAHA Saguaro Cactus Costume - Halloween Costume Contest via

Add some KAPOW to your Halloween costume!

Super Magical Awesome Armbands of Light

Cute John Deere costume!  Make a tractor out of a cardboard box and add some overalls!

- John Deere farmer and tractor costume.so easy to make! This is my nephews next Halloween costume! But make the wagon a tractor. Or we can be farmers and kids animals?