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Las cataratas del Nilo Azul (Etiopía). Las llaman 'Tis Abay' en amárico que significa 'agua humeante'. Es una lástima que no se escuche el ruido. Fot.: Csilla Zelko #paisaje #landscape #cataratas #fall #nilo #nile #etiopia #ethiopia

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Ethiopia...not only the landscapes had its ups and downs... http://exploretraveler.com http://exploretraveler.net

The Semien Mountains, in northern Ethiopia, northeast of Gondar, are part of the Ethiopian Highlands. They are a World Heritage Site and include the Semien Mountains National Park.

The #Simien Mountains, #Ethiopia A World Heritage Site and national park, with the tallest peak Ras Dashen reaching 4,619 metres, this region is best known as the habitat of Gelada baboons and Ethiopian wolves #

Africa's Rift Valley from above – gallery

German photographer Michael Poliza travelled by helicopter to capture the extraordinary landscapes of the Rift Valley in Kenya and Ethiopia from above. These images appear in his books Kenya and Eyes Over Africa

Lost in Iceland by Mattia Dattaro #xemtvhay

Lost in Iceland - Vestrahorn - Stokksnes - Iceland

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About 35 km downstream of Lake Tana, the Blue Nile plunges over a 45 m high rock face to form one of Africa's most spectacular waterfalls, know locally as "Tis Isat", meaning "water that smokes".