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Majin buu looks so evil and terrifying .Also the most difficult opponent faced by Goku

Super Buu for a Dragon Ball Z fanart challenge. Sculpted in ZBrush, rendered in Max/Mental Ray. Hope you like him Michael Milano Majin Buu


This is my recent artwork for practicing purposes ,Buu real life version.

ArtStation - Dragon Ball Z Bubu , Sebastian Lautsch

ArtStation: Dragon Ball Z Bubu by Sebastian Lautsch

Majin Buu - Dragonball Z in Zbrush

Hope to keep this thread alive by putting in more works in the future for comments and critics :) Thank you:cool: Zbrush 356121 Retopo to low poly, baked and rendered in Marmoset 356122

Majin Buu By VincentLim

Les plus beaux fan arts de Dragon Ball - Vincent Lim

ArtStation - Perfect Cell - Dragonball fan art, Takao Shigeyama

Perfect Cell - Dragonball - Takao Shigeyama on ArtStation

Nappa by Carson Yuen

Vegeta by Kanoa Rogers Super Saiyan 3 Goku by José-Patricio Aguirre Nappa by Carson Yuen Imperfect Cell by Raph Lomotan Snake . View Examples of Disturbingly Realistic Dragonball Z Art" and more funny posts on Dorkly

This joke is me basically taking a funny line from the Avengers movie and applying it to the DBZ movie "Battle of Gods". I'm actually pretty proud of this one. Lol.

Am I soooo bad of a person to think that when Beerus killed Cap, I snickered. I find ot weird because I am also a Marvel fan.

gohan vs cell

30 Ilustraciones de Dragon Z

ArtStation - Majin Vegeta (dragon ball z fan art), Julien Lasbleiz

Ahhhh these color pallette challenges are so much fun☕️ here's a quick coloring before I go to sleep☁️ (@ninagpineda OC Valentina from "The Feeling")✨

"Ahhhh these color pallette challenges are so much fun☕️ here's a quick coloring before I go to sleep☁️ ( OC Valentina from "The Feeling")✨" <<<? is this a 20 year old me ?

1)Sword Art Online 2)FairyTail 3)Natsu Dragneel and L 4)Erza Scarlet 5)Attack on Titan 6)Tokyo Ghoul 7)Natsu Dragneel 8)KiritoxAsuna (only because natsu and Lucy aren't official cx 9)Gajeel Redfox 12)DeathNote; L's Death DX 13)Erza Scarlet 14)FairyTail 15)Happy from FairyTail 20)Juvia Lockster (FairyTail) and Misa (DeathNote) 21)Undertaker|blackbutler 22)Erza's Armour 23).. 24)When L died 25)L 26)Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rogue 27)"Why have magic if you can use it to protect your…

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