John & Lestrade ..

Watson and DI Lestrade. Doesn't Lestrade look like such a silver fox here?

"What are we really doing here Sherlock? It's not every day the Avengers call you up and say "Hey, can you come to Avengers Tower, pretty please?"" John questioned, not believing Sherlock for a single moment. "Does it have to do with the Avengers Initiative?" Sherlock narrowed his eyes. "How the hell--" "I'm not as dumb as you think, Sherlock."

"What are we really doing here Sherlock? It's not every day the Avengers call…

MRW my neighbours decorated overnight for Thanksgiving Halloween AND Christmas #reaction #gif

My face in the movie theater when Tauriel started "glowing." Sure your face was the same no?<---- and a couple other things in The Hobbit

THANK GOODNESS BECAUSE I HATE JEANINE!!!! (...because she...touched Sherlock. Kissed. F*ckin' kissed him.)

<< More like, she's not JOHN. Two ships collide!<<<Johnlock has to sink! SHERLOLLY FOREVER<<<<Johnlock will not sink! Hudson ships it!<<<it's okay sherlolly shippers,you're allowed to have your /wrong/ opinions

#Sherlock #BBC<<<the feels. I cried because mary just looked so... so poised in an evil way... it killed me to hear her say that. Truly. It did. -Fandom Cumbercookie in the TARDIS with Jelsa and Smaug (Avery)

as he lies on his death bed, I still don't get why mary shot Sherlock and we never found out who she really was did we?

The Holmes brothers. Mycroft's face XD omg Ben's back..wowzha

Sherlock BBC (look at Mycroft's face!you were looking at Mycroft's face? I was trying, but I got a bit distracted. I didn't think this post was about Mycroft's face.