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I miss No Drama Obama. Are we really MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN??? We are now unstable people (all sides) - in an unstable country- in an unstable world.

We are now unstable people (all sides) - in an unstable country- in an unstable world because of T-RUMP and his GOP! Sure miss President Barack Obama!

A provocative and lively deep dive into the meaning of America's first black presidency, from one of the most graceful and lucid intellectuals writing on race and politics today ("Vanity Fair"). Micha                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America

The Black presidency : Barack Obama and the politics of race in America / Michael Eric Dyson

The 44th President of the United States of America Barack Obama (2009-2017)

A LONG List Of President Obama’s Accomplishments (With Citations) I printed this out a couple years back.

Okay, I stumbled upon this one. Seriously, Obama and no scandals? Oh, let me just a name a few off the top of my head; it's too early in the AM. Fast & Furious, Going into Libya toppling Gaddafi  w/o Congressional approval leaving a vacuum for the next scandal, Benghazi,  Extortion 17, The IRS Targeting both sides, Target of Reporters, The VA...I could continue, but, hello, people are seriously ignoring these?  All other Presidents have been called out for their scandals, but not, Obama…

"Daddy, Why did republicans nominate Donald Drumpf?" "Because they're so pissed off at Obama's successful scandal-free presidency that it drove them crazy, son.

Truth be told...

Corporations making billions pay starvation wages and bribe republican congress with campaign funds to keep it that way.

The Affordable Care Act proving successful, much to the chagrin of republicans. Thank you because if not for this Healthcare I would never be able to pay for insurance or my meds.

Even the CBO says Obamacare is way more costly then first announced. Nobody talks about the absurd deductibles that must be met before Obamacare pays.you now have coverage.good luck with that.


This is what a successful presidency looks like: statistics from the day PBO took office until today.