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Eye of Consciousness Pendant, Vesica Piscis Necklace, Sacred Geometry Jewellery

Eye of Consciousness Pendant, Vesica Piscis Necklace, Sacred Geometry Jewellery

"Sacred" Geometry Theory of Everything

"Sacred" Geometry can be derived from logic and symmetry, and the nothing (the concept of nothing) NO - THING, if you will. Once consciousness acknowledges.

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Spiritual healing through consciousness is now flowing through our relationships expanding into the dimension paradigm and way of life.

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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Vesica Piscis - Sun meets moon. Heaven meets earth. Some forms of Kabbalah give the Vesica Piscis particular respect. Some metaphysical philosophy interpret this is as the female yoni. Ancient Egypt’s mathematicians used the shapes’ principles in sacred buildings. The center is called the 'mandorla' - edited from DanielleLaPorte.com

Sacred geometry symbols are steeped in centuries of mystical devotion. This temporary tat collection brings together some of the most iconic and powerful sacred geometry symbols.

25 Silhouettes - (5 of 25: Vesica Piscis) by PauloG732 on DeviantArt

Vesica Piscis / sun and moon. I don't like the image, but I like the meaning and inspiration

"I am the one that becomes two that becomes four that becomes eight. Then I am one again." -Tehuti (Pyramid Texts, ca. 2500 BCE)

Biology organizes itself in alignment with the geometric structure it inhabits, as each of the 100 trillion atoms that make up each of the 100 trillion cells in our bodies are themselves made of SPACE.

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