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Don't Keep Calm and Panic! At The Disco. . .id love someone forever if they got me this shirt !

Nash Grier Tee - AV's Boutique - Skreened T-shirts, Organic Shirts, Hoodies, Kids Tees, Baby One-Pieces and Tote Bags ~lol awesome

If u were a trumpet player... You would understand.<<<<if your any band kid you get this...

The 33 Stages Of Finals Week

But did you die? Nobody likes my driving but they all want rides.

humor & funny people who make you laugh when you don't even want to smile.LOLLL :D When people talk about my driving But did you die Mr Chow meme

Leprechaun Ball so hard muhf*ckas wanna find me - Funny St. Patrick's Day T-shirts #funny #shirts

Leprechaun Ball so hard muhf*ckas wanna find me - Funny St. Patrick's Day T-shirts

AHHHHHH just watched this movie last night. i feel like i have a deep intellectual connection to that movie

Ecard // Noah wrote Allie 365 letters so I think you can answer my text // the notebook

Can't stop laughing....oh goodness.

Little girl's evil smile caption Welcome To My Birthday party Birthday's on Halloween birthday parties ha ha heh heh :DD


I'm skinny and I know that food tastes better than being skinny!

I'm doing good. Nuh uh. Superman does good. You doin' well. You need to study your grammar, son.

Tracy Morgan - Grammar Nazi.

You do well. You need to study your grammar, son. -- I love Tracy Jordan!

Haha. Yep. Going through this right now.

25 Pictures That Are Way, Way Too Real For People Who Hate People

Your face when someone you hate is talking. So me everyday at work.this is the way I feel but I hope I contain it better than this.SO TRUE

Where are they now...never..NEVER make fun of Catherine O' Hara goddamnit!

Where are they now?


Inspiring image funny, quote, rebecca black, true, vampire diaries - Resolution - Find the image to your taste


Happy Final Exams: May The Curve Be Ever in your Favor

Obama Can't Ban These Guns.  This would be so funny for Andy.  hahaha  @Kristen Albertson

I'm against getting into the whole "gun control" "guns are dangerous.people are dangerous" "Obama, no-bama" "wait." debate, but this shirt is actually kind of hilarious

Yeah...I'm not really sure what this is...but you totally know why I repinned it. haha

The MadTV "Can I have yo number?" skit applied to Harry Potter. Because everything can be applied to Harry Potter.