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Part 1: http://pokemonmeme.com/image/297/mimikyu-variants-part-1

-(response to dresses) *whole face brightens* Michael! *wraps arms around* *smiles* Oh, goodness, was that what it was? I'm so happy right now! That you told me! Why are you so happy?

Pokemon GO (Always by ShyBlu) <<<<<<<< even though I'm not team instinct I would still do this, he's just so cute!!!

Pokemon GO (Always by ShyBlu)

Es la realidad tus amigos siempre estaran ahi para ayudarte ★ >>> And this, this is why being Team Instinct is the real deal.


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II - The High Priestess by Noktowl

The High Priestess - Celebi (Major Arcana Series by Noktowl)

IV - The Emperor by Noktowl

IV - The Emperor The Emperor symbolizes the top of hierarchy, the absolute ruler of the world. His proud and regal appearance has captured the hearts of people since long ago. Major Arcana Series by.