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Werewolf...wow! Very realistic

Bran the Raven God has enslaved the Lupinex Werewolves, to devastating consequences, especially for the Sanguinex Vampyres of Scorpio.

damn them werewolves be trippin wishin that they a unicorn like me and i be mongerin dem wishes #wishmonger

(Open rp) I turn into my werewolf form, screaming in pain as doing so. I then howl at the moon

Corps Werewolf by JSMarantz.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Corps Werewolf by Jerad S Marantz - werewolf, wolfman - Art of Fantasy

Wolf Monsters | werewolf-noises:   Since this guy keeps getting...

werewolf-noises: “ Since this guy keeps getting steady attention over 6 months since I posted, I’ve polished it up slightly and slapped it on my Redbubble.


This is actually more relevant than you'd think. From The Department of Psychic War Veteran Affairs: Photo

A hungry beastie emerges from the shadows. Werewolves of London- Shrouded Werewolf

anime gold werewolf | Quiz Result: What Werewolf Clan Do You Belong In? | Get More Quizzes ...

"A female Kierrn (artists own imagining of werewolf) senses that someone, or something, has entered her territory. She perches on a stump, scenting the wind, not liking what she smells.

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A very, very close comparison to how I picture my werewolves in the Whisperer Chronicles