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To my Precious Niece - Happy Birthday Wishes Card: Bringing light and leaving beauty. Your niece is a precious woman with so many gifts and talents. Send her a sincere and thoughtful birthday card to wish her a very happy birthday, and remind her just how wonderful she is. On your niece's birthday, take a moment to share your love and send an encouraging birthday card to light up day.

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I want to create a reasonable bucket list and try my best to fulfill everything on it before I die

Bucket List journal Actually had this idea tonight. To make a whole art journal with just my bucket list.


A friend

Funny pictures about 1000 paper stars. Oh, and cool pics about 1000 paper stars. Also, 1000 paper stars.

Nevada-HEAT [nevada] - $12.50 : Possets Perfume Oils, Possets Perfume Oils are Bottled Happiness

Possets Perfume Oils, Possets Perfume Oils are Bottled Happiness

Antique coins from the 1700's but, if you take one, you get that disease. So, they all remain.

The coin wishing tree.

Funny pictures about Coin wishing trees. Oh, and cool pics about Coin wishing trees. Also, Coin wishing trees.

It is important to be reminded that our wants are much less important than our needs and the needs of others.

Famine in Baidoa, Somalia: 1992

Dear God, we take so much for granted - I reposted to remind me of all that I have been blessed with. I ask Lord that you stop me and break my heart. "Let my heart be broken by the things that break your heart God".

Seeing 111 means to pay attention to your thoughts...

-- This Number Brings You the Urgent Message That Your Thoughts Are Manifesting Instantly. So Keep You Mind-Set Focused Upon Your Desires. Give Any Fearful Thoughts to Heaven for Transmutation.

Take concept make it into a messages to God / school. Each child writes a message / phrase and drops it into the box. Cross could be anchored in the center of frame. Use pieces of cut wood / branches. Based on Catholic schools week where kids wrote messages.

Modern and Fun Guest book Ideas

Write you names and wedding date on a wood heart and frame it. Have your guests sign smaller hearts and drop them via a small slot on the top. What a cute and unique guest book idea that you can display after your wedding.