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Bad Times Ahead For Mettalica by thegreatrouge on DeviantArt

in the Underbend universe, Colonna doesn't stand Mettalica cause of her snazzy attitude and the fact that she wants to date her sister otherunderbend st. Bad Times Ahead For Mettalica

My little nugget Sans is so Kawaii

Underfell Dancetale Underswap Birdtale (si no me equivoco) Understeam Underkeep Outertale y Jeasontale

Gem Reproduction by Lopoddity.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I used the multiply layer! Are you happy Lopoddity? Lololol felt like making something pretty and cuddly. So I went with gemlings because they cute. Onyx belongs to Gemling concept can be f.

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Lol Frisk looks so annoyed XD "Papyrus the Unofficial Hall Monitor"