So, my hair is way too long right now, but I feel like I need to let it grow enough that I can straighten it and do this style.  I have to be Asuna at least once before I get it cut!!

Sword Art Online Yuuki Asuna Anime Mouse Mat Mousepad

Sword Art Online, Yuuki, official art

Sword Art Online, Yuuki, When she died I like cried the hole time asuna found out then when she died gauwd

I cried when Asuna has to say good bye to Yuuki. I love the Sleeping Knights.

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Sword Art Online, Yuuki Does anyone else think that she looks like Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist


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Quisiera ser kirito para ver  desde hay <3

Sword Art Online - Kirito and Asuna Oh gosh. my favorite anime couple. I ship this so hard.

"Si logramos volver al mundo real, te encontraré otra vez. Y me enamoraré de ti otra vez."  Asuna a Kirito

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Asuna (Yuuki Asuna) Kirito (Kazuto) - By Sword Art Online ღ

Crunchyroll - Main "Sword Art Online - Ordinal Scale" Anime Movie Visual And Light Novel 19 Cover Revealed

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