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#MODA ¡Estas son las #tendencias que arrasarán este #2016! ¡Sí, toma nota! http://bit.ly/1ON8ksO #Belleza #Fashion

#MODA ¡Estas son las #tendencias que arrasarán este #2016! ¡Sí, toma nota! http://bit.ly/1ON8ksO #Belleza #Fashion


I LOOOOVE this outfit! The blue floral print sweater with the blush pink blouse and white high waister shorts is I LOOOVE the cream colored studded cross body purse too! Lauren Conrad Teen Vogue 2012 I still want to wear her clothes!

the adventures of george washington

The captioned adventures of George Washington.Poor George are we picking on you? Mais non, me thinks you have/had a great sense of humor

Demi Lovato Plays Celebrity Name Drop- Such a fun video! #DemiLovato

Demi Lovato Name Drops During Interview on Australian Radio

So if I mix pixie sticks with water, I get fruit punch??!

The man who made fruit drink powder also created Pixy Stix, Fun-Dip, and Sweetarts all with the same basic recipe - nowyoukno now you kno

You know when your not wanted...       and if you don't you will figure it out sooner or later

Sorry I Was Busy, I Sent That 2 Years Ago, Click the link to view today's funniest pictures! ( This seems like a text that would be on my phone. I'd be the one that didn't text someone back for two years.


Are you ready for Join us as we go behind the scenes for a sneak peek at Demi Lovato’s new SKECHERS Memory Foam commercial.