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Scout as sniper

Me: LoL real mature Scout 😆 Scout: it's true through 😂

Scout's mom: *doesn't listen* Spy:  Scout:

Actually, Medic loves Doves, wedding doves to be precise.

Engineer's bad lunch break

I take requests. I DO NOT own any of the Team Fortress 2 characters. Requests are open and probably always will be.

Happy Medic by InfamouslyDorky.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I took the little joke poem from my old sketchdump and turned it into a legitimate comic. Also, I have a ton of watercolor paper and not so .

Defect by dakr0819 on deviantART (so touching T3T)

Defect by on deviantART (so touching I just realized I saved this in my SniperSpy like wth

Scout's personal ad by *Nicca11y on deviantART

According to this update: [link] Fixed some grammar problems. A soldier one would come soon,maybe. characters(c)VALVe Scout's personal ad

TF2- Victory by MadJesters1 (This artist makes me want to draw comics/fanart again XP Love her stuff!)

Victory by (This artist makes me want to draw comics/fanart again XP Love her stuff!

Ha! Nice. Team Fortress - Scout 1920's Edition

Scout from Team Fortress my first fanart in over 6 years. Maybe I should do the other classes too… For other class(es): Soldier Engineer Sniper Demoman Spy Heavy Medic Pyro Scout/Team.