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Children share smiles with a soldier during the April 25 revolution - 1974 // Old Portugal

25 Abril 1974 - Portuguese Revolution <3

1974 Carnation Revolution - A Portuguese Army soldier of the left-wing revolutionary Armed Forces Movement (Movimento das Forças Armadas) takes down a portrait of the old Fascist dictator, Prime Minister António de Oliveira Salazar.

O fotógrafo Alfredo Cunha escolheu, do seu numero espólio, imagens do início da década de 1970 e outras actuais, a formar pares que revelam muito do que mudou e do que permanece

Fotografia. Um fotógrafo com "olhar de puto" viu Portugal mudar


1959 - Donne d' Abruzzo The first death in the family women dressed in black for well-defined periods: two years for parents, her husband for 5 for a child. So, of mourning in mourning, never left that color.

Lisboa, Portugal, 1975 - Alfredo Cunha

antigamente fotografava a PB

The 50's - they used to sell bread like this all through the 70's - loved it!

Portugal anos 50 Fotografia de Jean Dieuzaide - they used to sell bread like this all through the - loved it!

mafra 25 de abril 1974 - Pesquisa do Google

Other songs that gave voice to the April Revolution in Portugal.