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Es verdad.

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After the passing of my friend, I see life in a whole new way. I thought I did, but now I get it. I try not to let the negativity life brings consume me. I want to live a happy full life and these are the quotes/memes I like to live by….

@abbyrosengreen :)  Hm, I bet we can guess what each-other is thinking about when this is read. Haha.

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At any given moment, you have the POWER to say this is NOT how the story is going to END.at any given moment including this very one.

NEVER! Faltaría más. Cada uno es como es y nada puede cambiar eso

Don't Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle Art Print---Kate

look for the beauty in everyone

I Am Project

Today I am putting forward positive thinking & inspirational quotes you should be eyeing up for a better life.

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The Pursuit of Happiness by Laura Serra - "The thing that counts most in the pursuit of happiness is choosing the right companion". So choose wisely!

Sometimes on the way to a dream

Dream, Way. Sometimes on the way to the dream you get lost and find a better one. > Dream Quotes with Pictures.

Random Doodle No. 13 by Alexandra Snowdon #typography #lettering #inspiration

Don't let what you can't do interfere with what you can do. (i need to remind myself of this constantly! i definitely let my back problems interfere with A LOT in my life.

Wonderful things are coming your way!

Always believe something Wonderful is about to happen. Happy Friday // Weekend // Believe // Inspire // Motivation // Mornings // Wonderful // Gratitude


"Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?" -Anne of Green Gables-The wisdom of Anne Shirley!

Remember . . . no one ever has to be kind, so it's nice to acknowledge it when someone is--even for just holding a door. A sense of entitlement seems to have taken the place of manners in our world---and it's a shabbier world for it.

Please & Thank You Are Still Magic Words, people with manners get on my nerves.


Motivational Posters - quotes - sayings - wall decor - inspiration - smiles change the world

Go for the good stuff. #motivation #inspiration

The good stuff is always. via montana sweet pea

work for inspiration!

Inspiration exists but it has to find you working. Powerful words from Pablo Picasso … Find the inspirations and the push forward in your work with me and thousands of other artists at this weekends.

Un consiglio per #viverebene? Fai anche le piccole cose con grande amore! :) #quote #quoteoftheday

Do Small Things With Great Love. Mother Teresa~What a beautiful soul and example!

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Iove this idea for as a poster on print for a kids room

make your lives extraordinary. #you'reworthit.

" 'Carpe Diem': 'Seize the day -- Make your lives extraordinary.