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But I wouldn't be lying. I am single. Same thing goes for i am a SINGLE PRINGLE

this made me laugh out loud because it's definitely something i would say!

I'd like to know why and I'd also like to give a medal to the person who caught Harry Styles at only two favorites.

Lol. This is perfect read it! Read it my beautiful followers! Her boss knows one direction that's pretty sweet and not just knows who mentioned them she knows the reference. That's amaZAYN

My reaction to this would be to not take the job. Slim to none chance that I will never quote One Direction.

exactly how i feel... i just wish they would visit all cities more, not just the major ones...

You know when you're a Canadian Directioner when you hate how you can't see them unless you live in Toronto, or Montreal.

Haha, thats a lie. I know all about our country's history. The president is Paul, right? And ah, the queen is Gemma? And we were founded on july 23rd. Ha, take that!

It's funny that he finds it funny. <<< I wonder if he knows there are fans that know more about them than the history of their country. *ahem* me *ahem* haha I haven't gotten to that part of history yet sooooo.

7.10 PM.. i'm from the I think it's at 7.10 PM

I don't know why everyone's so worried about not beating the record. I mean come on we all are going to watch it a minimum of 7 times initial times focusing solely on a certain boy,& at least one more time to take it all in)

This is why I love him. He's adorable! On  completely different note, does anyone know where I can get one of those shirts?

On completely different note, does anyone know where I can get one of those shirts?

I thought maybe I had imagined it

I thought maybe I had imagined it***I saw it and I was like "what">>> me too I thought I was going crazy>>> Yeah I was like "Obama!" And then i laughed nervously

i think that beliebers and directioners are a lot alike and there is no point on all this nonsence. i dream that or jb would make a video saying that like wtf

whoever wrote this doesn't know proper grammar" *are trying to * they're * *are trying to *they're *are