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kekeke well i better find myself with a cellphone case like what Kyungsoo is holding right now keke but thats actually Chen's cellphone..... THAT TROLL!!! kekeke

I do want a phone case like that,D. a fuck you phone case! :D---not only fuck you but also fuck me XD and it's really funny because his English is almost flawless

Fido, Go Fetch the Black Hawk!

Fido, Go Fetch the Black Hawk!

They are all older then me!!! :(

<-- Or a 15 year age gap.>>> or a 10 year age gap ~Windy

undertale, sans, gaster, papyrus--This is both hilarious and horribly terribly tragic.

I actually have a theory that WingDings Gaster, because he has a writing font as a name like Sans and Papyrus, is actually their brother.

У меня каникулы блять!

Angry gamer girl - I realize this makes me a nerd, but this is hilarious.

ooh yes. that's all you need to know, seeing as that's all I can say also

Our Bingu..

tbh that's all you really need to know lol! That, along with Bang Yong Guk's "Let's go to the convenience store!" XD //well, top, you're trying :')

What in the world?! What a great way to ruin a perfect good picture

What a great way to ruin a perfectly good picture XD