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Agencia David - Burger King

Agencia David - Burger King

Burger King Garden Grill in Singapore - by Outofstock

Burger King Garden Grill by Outofstock

Burger King - New Mushroom & Swiss Bacon Whopper

Burger King introduce New Mushroom & Swiss Bacon Whopper

Interesting approach. Posted a Euro-designed McDonald's last week. Now, BK? What about brand-identity concerns?

Burger King Garden Grill by Outofstock

Video statement from woman in Burger King "Blowjob" ad

The Woman Used Illegally In The Infamous Burger King "Blowjob" Ad Speaks Out.

That is a NICE Burger King!

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the club-like atmosphere of Singapore's Burger King Garden Grill, which features lounge seating, wooden tabletops, cushy-looking ottomans, and walls color-blocked in earth tones.

With natural, rustic materials and a communal vibe, this restaurant looks  more like a vegetarian cafe than the home of the Whopper.  Fast-food joints are embracing high design as first McDonald’s recently  enlisted Patrick Noguet to design their new family-restaurant concept in  France, now Burger King is getting in on the act, with a garden-patio theme  intended to appeal to both families and teens alike. “We noticed that one  word that kept popping up was ‘flame grilled,’ and we used…