Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey #packaging

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Oola Waitsburg Bourbon Made from a four grain mashbill, this earned the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in

Залезть в бутылку

Залезть в бутылку

Wild Roots flavoured vodka packaging designed by Sasquatch Agency.

Beautiful designed wild roots flavoured vodka packaging by Sasquatch Agency.

this looks like it should be perfume or massage oil or something, but its vodka.

“Integrity Spirits announced its presence to the world with two inaugural products, Lovejoy Vodka and Lovejoy Hazelnut. Lovejoy is a vodka that stands out from the crowded liquor shelves because of it (Square Bottle Packaging)

Montelobos Label. Create custom liquor bottle labels here: http://yourlabelsnow.com/products/beverage/liquor-bottle-labels/


WeHolden developed the packaging design for Montelobos (Mountain of Wolves) a premium mezcal joven.

Masterson. whiskey

Exclusive: Masterson’s 10 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey (Cask 16 & Aged for over a decade, this was bottled exclusively for Caskers members.


For its 2012 holiday gift, branding firm Up Inc sent clients a handcrafted bottle of traditional-method sparkling wine.

The Francis Ford Coppoloa "Carmine" Wine Jug was designed by Sfaustina. The story goes Francis' father Carmine used to keep wine jugs in his basement where young Francis would play. One day Francis tried to carry a jug from one side of the basement to the other with a pencil through the handle, but the pencil broke and the jug smashed. This design is to recreate Francis' childhood...

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