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Catedral de Amiens

Amiens - Cathédrale Notre-Dame ~ A city of northern France on the Somme River north of Paris. Settled in pre-Roman times, it has been a textile center since the Middle Ages. The city's Gothic cathedral is the largest church in France

Notre Dame, Paris, France Paris has many different types of great monuments that are placed all around the city. They help to bring different styles of architecture and size to the look of Paris. With the monuments some have been there long before Paris came to be a city so the lay out of the land was spaced to be around these great monuments causing the different landscapes.

I thought we would visit Notre Dame today, since it was good weather and we felt like an adventure. The cathedral is located on the east end of the Île de

"Ship of the Fens," Ely Cathedral | The Octagon Tower | Cambridgeshire, England | 11th century | Norman stone architecture

"Ship of the Fens," Ely Cathedral, Octagon Tower, Cambridgeshire ~ c Norman stone architecture

Amiens Cathedral, French High Gothic. One of their goals was to replace sheer mass with intricately framed voids - Gardner's Art Throughout the Ages

Cathédral Notre-Dame d'Amiens (Cathedral of Our Lady of Amiens) better known as Amiens Cathedral, Amiens, France. It is the tallest complete cathedral in France.

Fasada Katedry w Reims, Francja

Fasada Katedry w Reims, Francja