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Cute little one

They learn what we teach them. Pay attention to the breed's traits and respect…

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Wrinkles Wallpaper from Funny pictures! This is a funny pic of a chubby wrinkled baby and a chubby wrinkled puppy. Sweet, Cute and Funny!

A Goddess of Love - Freya the pit bull brings love, kisses and tail wags to veterans, seniors and everyone she meets

If you have ever doubted a dog for breed only, I hope this will change your mind!

That smile! And inside a heart that will love you furever. Gentle, patient, caring and oh, so loyal.

Blue Nose Pit Bulls is one of the popular Pitbull Dog Breeds. If you are interested in buying or adopting a Blue Nose Pitbull, read first the facts about this d

Well said. (And if you look at dog bite statistics over the last few decades, each of the listed breeds had a spike in reported bites during their heyday.)

In the they blame the Dobermans. In the they blamed German Shepherds. In the they blamed Rottweilers. Now they blame the Pit Bull. ~Cesar Millan When will they blame the Humans? *Please Spay, Neuter & Save a Life ~ Adopt from shelter/rescue


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“ The way every rescued dog should live out the rest of their lives ”

The way every rescued dog should live out the rest of their lives.- sweet animal pictures / puppy dog sleeping in bed under the covers / dogs / photography